Track your preordered, bought, and owned manga and light novels

Academy Wijangchwieopdanghaetda
Geomsulmyeongga Mangnaeadeul
Wu Lian Dianfeng
Yeokdaegeup Changgisaui Hoegwi
Jujutsu Kaisen
Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru

Keep track of all the manga you have preordered

Remembering if and where you bought the newest volume of a manga or light novel can be quite difficult. With Manga Bai you'll never preorder a volume twice again.

Get notifications when new volumes are available

Available as soon as the site has access to the Amazon API. Use the affiliate links at the top of the site make this possible.

Use your existing AniList account

Login with your AniList account and synchronize your changes. The custom list "Waiting For New Volumes" lets your updates appear on AniList as well as Manga Bai.

Change it to your liking

Change the layout and appearance of your list or exclude entries you don't want to track. At its core, Manga Bai is designed to feel similar to AniList.